I'm incredibly excited to announce an app I've been working on for a while, Roughpad: a productivity tool for quick and easy notes.

Roughpad is great for jotting down small and unstructured bits of information. So far users have been using Roughpad for meeting notes, code snippets, todo lists, journaling, twitter thread drafts, jotting down phone numbers, and more.

Tools like Notion, Quip, and Google Docs encourage structure with folders, document titles, and document formatting options. While structure is great for larger documents, it is often overkill for rough notes or jotting things down. Roughpad doesn't force you to figure out what folder you should put a note into, nor does it encourage titling or formatting. Just create a new tab and start typing.


Global Shortcut

Roughpad adds a global shortcut which allows you to press Command + Shift + D to focus Roughpad.

Tabs and Shortcuts

Tab Support (with roughpad dark mode)


Roughpad supports markdown, which makes code snippets, lists, checkboxes, and other tasks easy.

Command Palette and Search

To make Roughpad even faster to use,  it features a command palette for quick searches across all your notes. Open and close the command palette with Command + P.

Local First

Roughpad's notes are local first, meaning they're stored on your computer. This makes Roughpad incredibly fast and secure.

Try it out!