You start hacking on a new project. You know what you're working on will add a lot of value to a lot of people. You push the finishing touches to the `v1.0.0` release and wait for users, only to find out no one is using your project.

How often do you see projects you think should be much more popular and widely used than they are? What went wrong?

Its Not Just About Code

Projects are not just about writing code. Many programmers focus solely on the technical aspects of their work. We're used to thinking that creating a project with better benchmarks or more features than competing projects will convince other developers that they should use our projects.

What Can Be Done

All your work goes to waste if it can't be understood by other people. No one will use your project if they don't understand it. In order to help developers better communicate their projects, I've created a project checklist. Its a list of all the conventions that successful follow.