I have recently open sourced Falcon.

What is Falcon?

Falcon is a modern, cross-platform SQLite database client. It is in a very experimental stages at the moment.


Why another database client?

  1. A lot of databases feel dated since they don't support modern features
  2. Bad performance, use legacy java cross-platform gui's
  3. Platform dependent. The best clients are only for macOS
  4. Most clients are not extensible/pluggable
  5. Most clients are specific to a certain database
  6. Current clients only show data. They don't help explain what it means


  1. Add support for other database clients
    Adding support for MSSQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, and other clients will be a high priority after pushing an initial stable version of the client.

  2. Add plugin support
    Editors such as VSCode, Atom, and Hyper have seen huge successes because they allow developers to install plugins which can be written in Node. This allows users more fine grained control over their own experience and ability.